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Community Involvement

We take great pride in our company - not only in the success of our systems and that of our clients, but also in our drive to help others and to help inspire a community of giving and caring. Our consultants and our company support various organizations, some of which are shown below. We try to use our time and talents to help make a difference where we can. We encourage you to share our passion and support these and other charities. Together we do make a difference.

Teens with a GIFT of ForesightTeens with a GIFT of Foresight, or TGF, is a student-based youth philanthropy organization that seeks to positively impact Geneseo and the surrounding communities. TGF participants distribute annual grants totaling $3,500 or more to local not-for-profit organizations after evaluating grant requests and learning about various agencies’ missions. Through the TGF program, these dedicated teens will learn teamwork, communication and leadership skills, as well as become better informed about community issues and needs.

TGF enables youth to experience first-hand the joy, satisfaction and impact they can make through charitable giving. This goes beyond community service and takes civic education to the next level. It helps our youth to understand how important their role is in our society and how sharing responsibilities can effect social change.

The TGF program contributes to the community both now and in the future.  Teens will learn and experience giving in adolescent years, and see the difference that it makes. The knowledge gained will not only benefit them as they begin their adult lives, but it will instill in them a sense of compassion and responsibility in helping others that will grow exponentially as they become leaders and decision makers in this and other communities and organizations.

Foresight is proud to have founded and to continually support TGF. The students we work with are truly an inspiration. The excitement and compassion they share is infectious. We have already witnessed the beginning of a ripple effect that these teens are generating and it will only continue to grow as they go into the community. They will indeed change the world.

Internet SafetyForesight is also committed to Internet Safety Awareness. Our children are our most valuable asset. We have helped communities educate parents on the dangers the Internet can pose to their children, specifically with Internet crimes, bullying and predators. Equally important though, we emphasize the responsibility of parents to educate their families, protect their privacy and enforce safe use of the Internet. We discuss how crucial it is to set up Internet safety guidelines with their children. This helps to make our youth aware of what is acceptable and what is not when they are using the Internet at home and when they are at a friend's house.

We talk about setting up home computers with filtering software and parental controls. Please read the Illinois Attorney General's Online Safety Tips to learn more. We wouldn't send our kids to play in a neighborhood that we don't know anything about, and we must take it upon ourselves to use the same precautions in cyberspace.

United WayUnited Way - One of the very first 'Animals on Parade' charity events in the country, Naperville's Carousel Horse auction led the way and raised over $70,000 for the United Way. Foresight met with volunteers and United Way leaders to design, develop and host the database, the website and online gallery that supported the Carousel Horse auction. The site was used for the months leading up to the auction to advertise the horses, art and other items up for bid, and also used live at the auction. It also set the standard for future fundraiser auctions sponsored annually by the United Way.

Geneseo Marriage and Family Counseling Services was founded in 1974 to provide affordable, professional counseling to anyone in need. The agency's main focus is to provide quality counseling to individuals, couples and families for multiple issues that may be affecting their lives and to see what may be done to resolve them. The service is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The agency receives financial support from the Geneseo Community Chest, grants from local institutions and churches, the Henry County 708 Board and client fees.

Dave Kephart Advocates for Seniors is an organization that is very dear to us because they help to improve the quality of care for seniors who can no longer care for themselves. Too often our loved ones in their golden years receive less than adequate care. Foresight is proud to be involved with this organization. We have hosted, maintained and supported their website. They annually issue grants to organizations and individuals who have shown a commitment to educate the community and care givers, increase awareness, and improve the quality of care for the elderly.

One of the founders of Advocates for Seniors, Dave Kephart (pictured) was a very special man who endlessly gave of himself to help others. He made a positive and lasting impact on the lives he touched, including that of our founder. Foresight is proud to carry on the memory of Dave by supporting this organization. It is one small way of giving back to those who have given so much of themselves.