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Start a Revolution

ChevelleAfter initial consultation, we collaborate with you to determine your marketing goals and to establish a multifaceted marketing strategy, targeted to a very specific audience. A poorly crafted marketing strategy can do more harm than good, and targeting a broad audience is nothing more than a frivolous waste of resources.

With a progressive approach to marketing, our strategies set the groundwork for campaign effectiveness and maximum increase in ROI and brand reputation. And with your goals and budget in mind, we’ll devise your custom marketing revolution to include a variety of strategic tactics, while always maintaining brand consistency and increasing brand reputation.


Foresight Revolution is a full-service agency providing complete integrated marketing solutions to our clients. Our primary focus is brand development and reputation management, and our services include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Branding, re-branding, logo design
  • Strategic marketing
  • Guerrilla and viral marketing
  • Social media strategy, setup, and maintenance
  • Graphic design and layout
  • Web design 
  • Content Management Systems 
  • Search Engine Optimization, Analytics
  • Packaging design
  • Public relations
  • Personal branding
  • Advertising
  • Media planning

Integrated Marketing

A planning process designed to assure that all marketing communications such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation. When marketing communications work in unison, brand consistency and message relevancy prevails.

National Scope

The diverse team at the Foresight companies has worked with a wide array of local, regional, national, and international clients, serving a myriad of industries. Our clients rely on us to coordinate their advertising and marketing efforts, and with our national network of advertising, marketing, and media consultants, we have the resources and experience necessary to seamlessly roll out a campaign in any locale.

Through rigorous research and inspired ideas, we can help you discover and connect with audiences on a national level, audaciously propelling your brand into the lives and homes of millions. And by constantly measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of a campaign, we’re able to build a strategy focused on maximizing ROI.

If you’re as passionate about growing your brand as we are, give us a call and find out how Foresight Revolution is changing the face of marketing.